Thursday, June 5, 2014

Algeria claims top spot in Africa on FIFA's world ranking

FIFA's ranking for June has misplaced Africa's favorite Ivory Coast position on the list as they now occupy the second spot in the top 10 African teams on FIFA's list. Their replacement, Algeria moved up to the number 1 spot in this month's ranking, the Dessert Foxes climbed 3 places in the World ranking to number 22 while The Elephants who have been the top ranked side in Africa since 2011 dropped two spots to 23.

Algeria have lost just 1 match in their last 13 matches.

For the third spot on Africa's list, Egypt who occupied the number 2 spot in Africa were replaced by Ivory Coast and they are now third in position. Ghana, Cape Verde Islands and Nigeria have all maintained their positions on Africa's list.

The 2 highly ranked nations in the world still remains Spain and Germany with World Cup host Brazil moving to 3rd position on the list ahead of Portugal.

Africa's top 10 on June's FIFA's rankings - global ranking in brackets:

  1. Algeria (22)
  2. Ivory Coast (23)
  3. Egypt (36)
  4. Ghana (37)
  5. Cape Verde Islands (39)
  6. Nigeria (44)
  7. Tunisia (48)
  8. Guinea (52)
  9. Sierra Leone (54)
  10. Cameroon (56)