Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Oscar Pistorius reads Valentine's Day card from the stand

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South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius spent only 9 minutes in the stand today before his lawyer released him from 5 days of agonizing days of cross examination. The 27-year-old athlete left the stand today with a heartbreaking Valentine's day card that his murdered girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp left behind on the day she was shot to death by Pistorius. Invited by his defense lawyer Barry Roux in hopes that the card mend will some of the effects the cross examination has left on him, Pistorius read out the card which was addressed to him by a nickname “Ossie” in a halting voice. The message reads “Roses are red, violets are blue, I think today is a good day to tell you that I love you” the 29-year-old model signed the card with her name and a smiley face.

The Valentines Day card was a means of rebuilding the case for the defense after a nerve-racking cross-examination, Roux set out to create an image of a couple very much in love to counter the viscous image presented by the prosecution who claims Mr. Pistorius stomped around his darkened upscale home, banishing a cocked and loaded handgun while his girlfriend was in the bathroom in fear.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the court previously that none of the text messages Steenkamp sent Pistorius ever included the phrase “I love you”

The Olympic medalist killed his girlfriend before dawn on Valentines Day 2013 when he fired through a locked bathroom door. He is charged with murder in Steenkamp's death. And if convicted, he could face up to 25 years to life in prison. Pistorius however maintains he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder. 

Mr Nel's cross examination over the past few days often reduced Pistorius to tears as the prosecutor aimed at deflecting Pistorius claims. In his final summary of the prosecution's case, Nel told the court that Pistorius intentionally killed Steenkamp, he said “She was locked into the bathroom and you armed yourself with the sole purpose of shooting and killing her... and that what you did” Continuing he said, “Afterward, indeed, you were overcome by what you'd done, that is true. Only because you intentioned to kill her. You realized that”
Pistorius went ahead to deny the accusations, but Neil shot back- “you fired at Reeva”
In tears, Pistorius answered: “ I did not fire at Reeva”
The Olympian insists that there was an intruder in his home that night even as Nel pressed further with his accusations, Pistorius said: “I believed that there was someone coming out to attack me”

Mr. Nel asked judge Masipa to postpone the hearing until May 5 at the start of Tuesday's session, starting with an unspecified later date for this week following how many South Africans are gearing up for a four-day Easter weekend break. The judge said she will rule on the request one Wednesday.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Which one of Africa's representative has the best 2014 World Cup kit?

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Host nation Brazil- WC KIT
Africa's 5 representatives have all released their World Cup Home and Away kit for the 2014 edition of the tournament which is slated to hold in Brazil in less than days days to go and they are not looking bad at all.
Although they all look good, I would have to give it to Ghana, their 2014 World Cup kit is exceptionally beautiful and authentic, it features some African prints and designs but its simple enough to be described as classy.

World Cup 2014 Kits-Africa (In alphabetical order)
-Algeria representing north Africa as they make their 4th World Cup appearance this year they will be playing against Belgium, Russia and South Korea in Group H in Brazil. Algeria are currently battling to make an impact in Africa after they were knocked out in the 2013 Nations Cup, but with the World Cup comes the hope of high performances and only time will tell now. 
The Algerian Greens will be heading to the World Cup with their Puma made jerseys, their Home kit features flash green as second color and a simple round collar while the sleeve cuffs are light green. The jersey also has a light green Puma logo at the front of the kit. Their 2014 WC Away kit bears very similar features as their home jersey only this one is mainly light green with white applications.

-Cameroon will be making their 7th World Cup appearance this year in Group A making them the the only African side with the most appearances at the World Cup. Several friction in the team has contributed to the Lions poor performance in the past four years, but this year, with Eto'o back, we can only hope for the best. 
Cameroon premiered their 2014 World Cup kit which was made by PUMA in their warm-up match against Portugal on March 5th. Their new WC Home kit features cave painting on front of the jersey and the Puma logo is placed in the center of the shirt, the sleeve cuffs also features the cave painting design. Their WC Away kit features similar designs as the home jersey only this one has yellow as the background color and red applications. The patterns are not made visible on this one, and it also has some green in it.

-Ghana made it all the way to the quarterfinals in the last World Cup appearance before they were denied a semi-final spot, but they are back and determined. With a host some of the best mid-fielders including Michael Essien and Kevin Boateng who recently returned to the team, the Black Stars may actually become more successful in their 3rd WC appearance. 
They will be representing their country in Brazil 2014 in their Group G with a kit made by Puma who remain their shirt producers since 2005. Their 2014 WC Home kit is quite unique and beautiful, it infuses a lot of the Ghanaian culture. The jersey has a white background and features the Kente cloth design around the collar, the design which is characterized by multicolored patterns of bright colors, and geometric shapes is also seen on the sleeve cuffs of the jersey. Unlike their Home kit, the 2014 WC Away jersey comes in bright red with large front graphics with 'Black Stars' inscriptions. It also features a simple round collar with a yellow Puma logo and the sleeve cuffs designed with bright star patterns.

-Ivory Coast, Africa's favorite are heading to their third World Cup this year in Group C and while this may be the last chance for some of the team's top players, they have not been quite successful in last two attempts; failing to get past the first round each time. The Elephants are currently the number 1 team in the whole of Africa. Like Cameroon, the Elephant wore their brand new World Cup kit which was also made by Puma during their friendly against Belgium in March. 
Their 2014 WC Home kit is made more simple with a round collar with the main color orange. The shirt features cave paintings on the sleeves including the graphics of an elephant. Their WC Away kit is similar to the home design but differs in color. The Away jersey is green and features the same template as the home kit.

-Nigeria will be heading to their 5th World Cup this summer after a very successful year in 2013 . The Super Eagles made their first World Cup appearance in 1994 and although they bowed out of the competition in second round, their World Cup kit was quite phenomenal, the kit which was complete with patterned shoulder panel was eventually tagged the best World Cup kit in USA '94. For this summer's World Cup, the Super Eagles will play against Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iran in their Group F. 
The new Super Eagles 2014 World Cup Away kit is based on Adidas Regista 14 template and is mainly white with dark and light green accents. Their 2014 World Cup Home jersey is based on Adidas Condivo 14 kit template, the front of the jersey features small darker green pinstripes while the sleeves are divided in one light green and one dark green part. The V-collar features both green colors that is found in the sleeve cuffs.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Toure set to miss the rest of the season following Sunday's injury.

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The season is almost certainly over for Manchester City's Yaya Toure after he limped off injured during his sides 3-2 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday with what seemed like a hamstring injury. According to City's manager, Toure will most likely miss the remainder of the season. The Ivorian international injured himself after hitting a shot high and wide into the Anfield Road end as City looked to reason after Raheem Sterling fired Liverpool ahead. Liverpool will later double their score 7 minutes after Yaya Toure was replaced via Reds defender Martin Skrtel. City fought back to draw level in the the second half, however, Philippe Coutino scored twelve minutes to stoppage time clenching the victory for the night.

Needless to say, Toure's injury is a big blow for City especially with only 6 games to go in the season, City lie 7 points away form leaders Liverpool with only 2 games in hand. The World Cup bound player will miss out on home fixtures against Sunderland, West Brom, Aston Vila and West Ham as well as the two all important  away games against Everton who are also in contention for the fourth spot on the table.

The African player of the year had an amazing season scoring 22 goals in all competitions, lets hope City will find a suitable replacement for this amazing striker.

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Kolo Toure sings to his own catchy chorus during Liverpool's kit launch for next season.

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Ivorian defender Kolo Toure seems to be a fan of his own song as he led a chorus of the Kolo Toure song in Liverpool City center at the kit launch . The 33-year-old player and brother of Man City's Yaya Toure joined Philippe Coutinhi, Jordan Henderson and Simon Mignolet in Liverpool one to launch the new their new jerseys for next season.

Toure returned to the first team after being dropped following a series of mistakes, he came back in as a substitute in Liverpool's 2-1 victory over West Ham on Sunday.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nigeria and other WC bound nations move up in FIFA's World Ranking for the month

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Nigeria and a host of other World Cup bound nations moved up in FIFA's World ranking which was released yesterday for the month of April. Nigeria moved up to the 45th position from their 47th position in the last ranking, the new position in FIFA's list is as a result of their goalless draw in their recent World Cup warm-up games against Mexico last month.

 For CAF's list in the ranking, the Super Eagles of Nigeria now occupy the 6th position trailing closely behind Cape Verde who currently occupy the 5th position, Ghana sits at the 4th position while Egypt and Algeria occupied the 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Africa's favorite, Ivory Coast have not moved an inch as they remain in their number 1 spot in African football and moved up 1 point to number 21 in the World ranking. Europe occupies the three top spots on the list after Portugal climbed third behind leaders Spain and Germany. Four South American nations have moved up in their spots for this month with Colombia following behind in the 4th positon, Uruguay moved up 1 spot to the 5th position while rivals Argentina and Brazil both share the 6th positoin in the ranking . Greece are once more in the top 10 in the World and they are right on number 10 with Italy occupying the 9th position in the top 10. England however missed by 1 point and are number 11 in the ranking.

Africa's top 10 list
1. Ivory Coast
2. Egypt
3. Algeria
4. Ghana
5. Cape Verde
6. Nigeria
7. Tunisia
8. Cameroon
9. Guinea
10. Mali

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Laugh About it: The Touts watching Nigeria VS. Mexico game

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The Touts are hilarious and spend a huge amount of time coming up with all kinds of crazy concept. We are all guilty of overreacting in one way or the other when watching our favorite game, especially when its close to home like the Super Eagles or even the Black Stars of Ghana.

 Watch this very funny video of how one of the Touts reacts during Nigeria VS. Mexico's game, it is hi-la-rious

Foxy P | Instagram: @TheFoxHimself

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Football Legend Pele set to sell hair strands turned into diamonds to fans

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Brazilian football legend, Pele annouced a range of diamonds, each made from a strand of his hair in commemoration of the 1283 goals he scored in his professional football career. 

The 73-year-old legend will give 1283 fans the opportunity to buy a strand of his hair for a whopping $7500. The strand of hair will be fashioned into diamonds and sold in a gold-plated box which will be embossed with Pele during his playing days.

Will you buy one?
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mario Balotelli joins Instagram and confirms his page with a personal video

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Super Mario has finally  caught the Instagram bug, to confirm his arrival he uploaded a video confirming it was truly his account. The AC Milan striker uploaded the video in an attempt to shun all the fake Instagram accounts that have been opened in his name. Mario joined the social networking sight ahead of Milan's trip to Genoa. The former Manchester City player posed with his brother Enoch as well as his girlfriend to further prove he was in fact the real deal.
Mario's girlfriend Fanny Neguesha in turn confirmed his Instagram account, and  Barcelona FC striker also joined in to confirm it is the real Mario.

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World Cup: Top 10 Nations in the history of FIFA's World Cup

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The countdown to the 2014 World Cup has since begun and today, with only 65 days to go, it is time to take a look at some of the top Nations that have participated in the World Cup since its inception in 1930. 32 nations will be heading to Brazil this summer for the competition that comes by every four years, and ever since the premier tournament in Uruguay where they had only 13 nations in attendance, some nations have earned the right to be called the greatest, so here are the top 10 nations in the history of the World Cup

10. Sweden- They made the third edition of the World Cup which was held in France from June 4th to 19 June where Sweden finished in fourth place in the tournament with Italy retaining the Championship after beating Hungary 4-2 in the finals. Moving up, the Swedish team ended up in third place again in the 1950 World Cup. And as host, the Blue-Yellow were runners-up in the 1958 World Cup, and in USA'94, they finished in third place.
Stats: Games Played: 46, Won: 16, Lost: 17, Drawn: 13

9. Uruguay: were hosts of the inaugural FIFA World Cup following their double Olympic win, they also hold the record of winning the very first edition after their 4-2 victory over Argentina in the finals. Uruguay held the World Cup title in 1950 after boycotting World Cup 1934 and 1938 due to the refusal of some European teams from participating in the World Cup. The South American team had a drop in performance and managed to clench fourth place in 1954 and 1970, they however made a comeback to the finals in 2010 World Cup finishing once again in fourth place.
Stats: Games Played: 47, Won: 17, Lost: 17, Drawn: 12

8. Netherlands: the Flying Dutchmen have managed to reach the finals so many times without lifting the cup; they were runners-up in 1974, 1978, and in 2010. After so many years filed with ups and downs in their World Cup campaign, the Netherlands qualified for the the 2014 World Cup with the hope of once more making it to the finals, but maybe this time, they will eventually lift the Cup.
Stats-Games Played: 43, Won: 22, Lost: 11, Drawn: 10

7. France: The French nation has had a long history with the World Cup, aside from hosting the third edition of FIFA's World Cup which was the second time in a row a European country will host the tournament, they were among the first Four teams to represent Europe in the very first World Cup in Uruguay. And off course, it was a French man, Jules Rimet that initiated the tournament in 1930. However, their history in this prestigious world event does not quite reflect on their performance, Les Bleus came in third place in 1958, and 1986 respectively, they however had a memorable comeback in 1998 as hosts and winners of the tournament, but, they exited in the first-round of the 2002 World Cup and were runners up in Germany 2006.
Stats-Games Played: 54, Won:25, Lost: 18, Drawn: 11

6. Spain: The current World Champions and no. 1 nation on FIFA's world ranking have not been to successful in their World Cup campaign. Spain was selected as hosts of the 1982 World cup where they exited the competition in the second round. It was however the 2010 World Cup which was held in South Africa that granted the Spanish team their very first World Cup victory, they lifted the Jules Rimet cup in South Africa in 2010 for the first time after many failed attempts.
Stats: Games Played: 56, Won:28, Lost: 16, Drawn: 12

5. England: England won the 1966 World Cup when the hosted the eighth edition of the tournament, defeating West Germany 4-2. Their best performance after this came in 1990 when they made it to the semi-finals finishing in fourth place. The English team have made 13 World Cup appearances and have only lost 14 matches making them one the only team to have lost fewer times than any other team with more than 50 World Cup matches played.
Stats: Games Played: 59, Won: 26, Lost: 14, Drawn: 19

4. Argentina: Argentina who are currently third in FIFA's World ranking have appeared in four World Cup finals including the very first edition in 1930. They were runners-up in the premier edition after losing to Uruguay 4-2. Argentina however pulled out of the competition for 20 whole year, they came back in 1954 but finally made an impact in 1978 World Cup which was hosted by Argentina, they beat Netherlands 3-1 in the finals. Led by legendary player, Diego Maradona, they won again in 1986, and they were runners-up in the 1990 World Cup after losing to Germany 1-0 via a penalty kick.
Stats: Games Played: 70, Won: 37, Lost: 20, Drawn: 13

3. Italy: The Italian national team were World Champions in the 2nd and 3rd edition of the World Cup. As hosts of the second World Cup, they won the 2nd title and are considered the second most successful national team in history of the World Cup having won 4 tittles (1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006), trailing Brazil by only 1 title. They were runners-up in 1970, and 1994 and finished in third place in the 1990 edition of the World Cup. Despite their history of victories, they are third in the list following a series of bad performance which includes 20 years of failing to go beyond the first round in the competition.
Stats-Games played: 80, Won: 44, Lost: 15, Drawn: 21

2. Germany: The German national team have won a total of 3 World Cup titles;1954, 1974 and in 1990 where they won 1-0 via a penalty kick in the 85th minute of the game. Germany competed in two of the first four World Cups and won third place in the second edition of the tournament, Germany came back and won the 1954 World Cup which was held in Switzerland, the National Team were runners-up in 1966 World Cup, came in third place in the 1970, however, they won again in 1974 when they hosted the 10th edition of FIFA's World Cup.
Failing to reach the 1978 finals, Germany were runners-up in 1982 and 1986 respectively and once again won the title in 1990. Germany made it to the finals in World Cup 2002 but finished in second place, they would go on to clench the third position in the 2006 and 2010 World Cup. The German National team have reached the quarterfinals or further in every World Cup for the last 50 years, excluding the 1978 World Cup.
Stats: Games Played: 99, Won: 60, Lost: 20, Drawn: 19

1. Brazil: The host of the 2014 World Cup have are considered as one of the most successful team in World Cup history having won the title for a record 5 times. They also hold the record of the most World Cup appearance, they have been present at every single World Cup since its inception in 1930. Although they have made a total of 19 World Cup final appearance, they did not start up as world's favorite. Brazil came in third place in the 3rd edition of the World Cup and as hosts, Brazil made it to the finals but lost to Uruguay in Brazil 1950. The recurrent champions won the title in 1958, and in 1962, and after failing to reach the finals in 1966, Brazil became world champions again in 1970. Taking a break from their victories, Brazil finished in fourth place at the next World Cup which was held in Germany and came in third place in the 1978 WC. Making a strong comeback, the Canarinho won their fourth title in U.S.A 94 and were runners-up in France 98. Taking the position as the World best in Football, Brazil won their 5th World Cup title in the 2002 which was held in South Korea and Japan after beating Germany 2-0 in the finals.

Stats: Games Played: 97, Won: 67, Lost: 15, Drawn: 15
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Super Eagles: Odemwingie and Keshi end 2 years feud

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Nigerian international Peter Odemwingie says his relationship with Super Eagles head coach Stephen Keshi has been mended after talks. Odemwingie has not been part of Super Eagles since 2012, his last appearance with the Super Eagles was during the 2013 African Nations Cup qualifier against Rwanda and this is when his issues with the team erupted after he was accused of reacting angrily to his substitution in the game. 
Keshi and Odemwingie's relationship went further south when the Stoke striker was omitted from the 2013 AFCON squad and he was quick to take to Twitter to vent his frustrations over the decisions made against him. Odemwingie maintains he was overlooked because he often speaks his mind.
Finally, the reunion is here, the former West Brom striker has apologized to Nigeria and Keshi and all is set and we are waiting for a re-invite into the Super Eagles squad for the 2014 World Cup.

"I have been speaking with the coach, it's the only right thing to do," Osaze told BBC Sport.

"I had to be humble and make a step forward towards my senior colleagues," added the 32-year-old.

"You can't continue to stay in that angry state of mind. Staying in that state, it's not the right thing to do. It's never helpful for anyone," Odemwingie said.

"It was very disappointing at the time, it was hard to accept it. I had a strong feeling that it was Nigeria's time to win it. I was as frustrated as any other player."

Odemwingie expresses regrets over not being part of the team that won the AFCON championship early last year, speaking he said:
"I thought we could win it; Cameroon and Egypt were not there, Ghana were struggling and a few players were missing so I felt it was our chance. But I didn't make the squad," he said.

"And it would have been the tournament that I would have got scored goals than before, because I had moved to the Premier League and improved as a player - especially in front of goal."

"I'm very happy that we won it in the end because many names that had not been in the frame for the squad for the past 10 years were there and they helped the team lift the trophy," he said.
 Seeing things in a new light, Odemwingie is also thankful for the efforts made by Super Eagles psychologist, Dr. Robinson Okuson who visited the soon to be father for the second time during his first 6 months at Cardiff City right before he joined Stoke City to discuss his relationship with Keshi. However, while Odemwingie also admits that Keshi can do without him at the upcoming World cup, he still appreciates “mutual respect”

"For me to hear that was very important on a human level. It's not about people, its always about the country. We're all defending the colours of our nation," he said.

"Coach Keshi can do without me at the World Cup and my life will go on as well, but the most important thing is mutual respect.

"Now I know how he does things and how he wants things done and vice versa." 

Odemwingie stated that he is available for selection and Keshi is yet to rule out the possiblity of his return. Well, lets hope that this new relationship will help the team in their quest to make an impact in this summer's World tournament where the current African champions will face Argentina,, Bosnia and Herzegovia and Iran in their Group F. 
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AC Milan midfielder Michael Essien ruled out of upcoming match due thigh injury

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Ghana and AC Milan midfielder Michael Essien has been ruled out of his Italian Series A club upcoming match following a recent thigh injury the 31-year-old player sustained about a fortnight. Essien injured his right leg and will undergo further tests in arund 10 days time. 
What this means for the Ghanaian international is that he will miss Monday's trip to Genoa and will most likely also be out for the home match against Catania next weekend.
The World Cup bound player joined AC Milan in January after spending 8 years with the Blues.

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