Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jose Mourinho lashes out at journalist over secret recording about Chelsea strikers

Jose Mourinho is angry at French TV for broadcasting a private conversation in which the Blues Manager criticized his strikers including Cameroonian striker, Samuel Eto'o. Mourinho told journalist from Canal Plus, a French TV station that he felt as though he did not have any firepower in his forward and even made some not so cool remarks Eto'o, Mourinho was however unaware that the entire conversation was being recorded by the TV station. In the video, Mourinho said: “The problem is I lack a striker. I have Eto'o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, I don't know.

In a recent interview, Mourinho was keen on dismissing his statement in the leaked interview and also dismissed any suggestions that he's having problems with Eto'o.

"It was a funny conversation with somebody that doesn't belong to the football world," said the Portuguese.
"First of all because I don't make fun,"he said. "Secondly, because if there are managers in the world who really defend their players, I'm obviously one of them.
"And thirdly because Samuel Eto'o is Samuel Eto'o. He's four times a Champions League winner: people think three times, but one in Real Madrid, two in Barcelona and one with Inter.
"It was with him that I had the best ever season of my career. He's one of the few players who is working with me at a second different club, and a manager doesn't do that if he doesn't like the player or the person. He has no reason to be upset.
"Also, he told a few years ago, that Mourinho is the only manager in the world who I would never play for, and after a year he was playing with me at Inter and now here.
"There is no story. No story. I repeat: it was a funny conversation between me and somebody who doesn't belong to the football world. We were laughing. I think it's a disgrace that someone is taping and recording a private conversation when, obviously, we don't know."
Speaking ahead of his side's Champions League last-16 tie against Galatasaray on Wednesday, Mourinho told the assembled media they should be "embarrassed" by the way the TV station published comments he had made about his players during a conversation eight days ago in Switzerland.
"It is a disgrace that someone is taping a private conversation," said Mourinho.
"I'm not defending what I'm saying. I'm attacking something that is, I think, fundamental in your professional area and that person showed exactly what he is or what he does not know about the job.
"From my perspective, the comment is not obviously a good one, not one I would do in a serious way, not something I would do in an official way in an interview."

The TV show editor says they are "fully comfortable" with the interview and do not agree with the Mourinho's claim that the interview was off record.

"We are very surprised by Jose Mourinho's comments, claiming it was off the record," said Herve Mathoux, editor and anchor of the programme by French broadcaster Canal Plus.
"The camera was located 50 centimetres, maybe one meter away from him. It was a tight close up,: he told CNN"
Mathoux also said "there is no way Mourinho could ignore he was filmed", but the Blues manager claims he had no knowledge that was the case.