Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kevin-Prince Boateng says racist players should be sacked

In a recent interview with bbcsports, AC Milan's Kevin-Prince Boateng reveals that it is important racist players face more severe punishment and should be sacked if needed.

Boateng who walked off the pitch in AC Milan's match against Italian team Pro Patria after he was racially abused by their fans believes this is a good approach to dealing with the issues of racism in football. However,  Boateng insists his decision to walk off the field was not the best thing to do, the former Portsmouth player said- "If I look back I know it wasn't the right thing to do because we are professionals, we are entertainers, we have to entertain the people and we are paid to be on the field.” Continuing Boateng said, “So maybe it's not the right thing to do but someone had to do it.” -I agree!

 Boateng said football authorities needed to be stricter in their punishments for fans and players.
"Money doesn't really hurt, it's not the subject that can hurt you so much," Boateng told BBC Sport.
Boateng, 26, said: "A player who does something wrong, who is racist, can never play for the club again or can never play in the country again. These are the things that hurt and I think this is the right way to go. (It needs to be)  very strict, very hard and make it very clear."
As for fans, the Ghanaian international also said- "If there's a fan who has done something wrong and he can never come to the stadium again, that is something that can hurt you because you're a fan and you love the sport.

Boateng is not alone in his stance, FIFA's  new anti-racism chief Jeffrey Webb joins him in his view as be believes tougher penalties like relegation and exclusion from major tournaments need to be introduced.
Webb also said he had plans to meet the perpetrators and victims of racism in English football.