Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A MANCHESTER United fan mars Mario Balotelli Bentley by peeing on it.

A Manchester United fan was pictured defacing a car belonging to Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli, reports The Sun U.K
The Man-U fan was photographed peeing on Balotelli’s £160,000 Bentley that was parked outside an Indian restaurant in Manchester City late Sunday while the troubled Italian player dined with friends. Seeing this, another thug joined the Man-U fan in vandalizing the Bentley, the second person was also pictured sitting on the car’s rear window with his pants pulled down.
Following the amount of controversies that continues to trail the 22-year-old Italian, the incident occurred amid  speculations that Balotelli is on the verge of leaving Etihad Stadium to join AC Millan.
Pics after the cut.

Balotelli's car parked in Manchester city centre. (©TheSun)