Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Former NBA player Charles Barkley supports Ferguson grand jury decsion

Retired NBA player Charles Barkley has done it again with his recent comments on Ferguson. The 51-year-old current analyst on sports show Inside NBA states in a recent interview from New York Daily that he supports the Ferguson grand jury decision. Barkley also had harsh words for the protesters in Ferguson Missouri calling them scumbags.

Speaking to New York Daily News, Barkley says- “Those aren't black people, those are scumbags, there is no excuse for people to be out there burning down people's businesses, burning down police cars”

His recent sentiments is not far fetched from what he expressed in 2013 in the murder of 17-year-old black teenager, Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, a white and Hispanic watch leader. Barkley said he agreed with George Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting of Trayvon Martin after a Florida jury found that the neighborhood watch leader, Zimerman was not guilty in the shooting that led to Martin's death. 
Speaking to CNBC host Bartiromo after the verdict Barkley said- “That's probably not a popular opinion among most people but looking  at the evidence, I agreed with the verdict"

Now fast-forward to 2014, Barkley who happens to be a “role model” for some young people said that the authorities did the right thing by not prosecuting now retired white police Office Darren Wilson who shot and killed 18-year-old black teenage Brown 6 times on Aug.9.  Barkley once again said: 
The true story came out from the grand jury testimony” He also added, “ three or four witnesses, who were black said exactly what the cop (Wilson) said” 

My question is quite simple, how is Barkley so sure about these cases that he does not hesitate to voice his unsolicited opinions as facts? Very wrong and done for all the wrong reasons. 

Source: Yahoo Sports.