Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Trending: "Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin", a rap track by two African immigrants living in Russia

Two African immigrant living in Russia have written a rap track “Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin” the video has been viewed over a million times. Many Russians have uploaded their own version on various social media sites in support of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
In the past, there have been concerns about how African immigrants have be treated in the country with groups like the MPC Task Force Against Racism reporting that even though racial violence has reduced, it is still a part of the everyday life. Both rappers insists that things have since changed and
insist that Putin is a role model for hard work and diligence.
The rap duo is simply known as A.M.G, they are both immigrants living in Russia they both moved to Moscow in the early 2000s to study medicine in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad); K King is from Zimbabwe while Beni Maniaci is Kenyan. They have since earned their degrees and are now based in Moscow where they are gradually making a name for themselves.