Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kobe, Lebron James and Magic Johnson speak out on the decision in Ferguson

Athletes around the world weigh-in on social media Monday night following the news that 28-year-old Ferguson MO. Police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting of 18-year-old African American, Micheal Brown JR. in August. 

Photo credit-Twitter
Two-time NBA champ Lebron James posted  this pic with  the caption-
 “As a society how do we do better and stop things like this happening time after time! I'm so sorry to those families. Violence is not the answer people. Retaliation isn't the solution as well. #PrayersUpToTheFamilies #WeHaveToDoBetter”

Retired NBA hall of fame player Earvin Magic Johnson tweeted- “I am so very disappointed with decision in the Mike Brown case in Ferguson, MO.
He later added- “We must work together to stop the unnecessary loss of young men of color. Justice was not served in Ferguson”

Canadian NBA star Steve Nash who currently plays for L.A Lakers also tweeted- "Disgusted by the decision in Ferguson. Racism is learned. Accepted in systematic suffocation of education and opportunity. What are we saying?"

16-time NBA All star, Kobe Bryant expressed dissatisfaction with the decision following practice at the Lakers facility in EL Segundo on Tuesday, speaking to LA Daily news, he said- "You can sit here and argue about it until we're blue in the face and protest about it, until we have a serious legal system conversation, its going to keep happening.”
 The 36-year-old NBA champ also added- what's justifiable? What call for legal action and what qualifies as the threshold in being able to use deadly force in that situation? Bryant asked rhetorically. “ Those are higher conversation that need to be had”

Asking the question that is on most of our lips, Tennis legend Serena Williams tweeted-"Wow. Just wow. Shameful.What will it take???