Thursday, November 20, 2014

Michael Brown's father asks for calm in new video hours before grand jury decision

FERGUSON, MO—Just hours before what is likely to be a grand jury decision in the case involving the murder of an unarmed teenager, Micheal Brown, JR. who was shot by a Ferguson Police Officer on Aug.9th, Micheal Brown, SR. father of deceased young man has issued a last-minute plea for calm. 
Speaking in a newly released video, Brown, SR. said- No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son’s death to be in vain— I want it to lead to positive change,” a very somber Brown says in a public service announcement released late Thursday. “I thank you for lifting your voices to end racial profiling and police intimidation, but hurting others or destroying property is not the answer.”

The late Brown family have called for the continuation of peaceful protest repeatedly.

Officer Darren Wilson, 28, Brown who was 18 at the time of his death . The very gruesome murder has provoked several months of violent protest and once again raises questions about racism and justice.
A grand jury has been hearing evidence in the case since they first convened on Aug. 20 and will decide if there is probable cause to charge Wilson, 28, with a crime. The officer could face up to life in prison if the case proceeds to trial. The issue at hand is how Brown died. According to the reports made available by police, it states that Brown struggled with Wilson inside his police car, then reached for Wilson's weapon. However, eye witnesses and some of Brown's family members say Wilson shot and killed Brown as he raised his hands in surrender.