Wednesday, July 16, 2014

San Jose Sharks fans outraged over team's recruitment of 'Ice Girls'

Some San Jose Sharks fans recently formed the group “Say Not To Shark Ice Girls” in response to the team's proposed uniform change for its co-ed ice team.
Members of the Shark Ice team wore full outfits that did not expose any skin, however, this year's uniform “May be form fitting with some skin exposure.”

About 1108 persons and counting are against the new uniform change adding that this is offensive and sexist and “reinforces a negative double-standard where men are taken seriously but women are sexualized and objectified.Source: Foxsports

I totally agree with this petition, women in sports should be taken seriously, not for what they look like, but because of their talent. It is unfair the ways in which women are represented, from the cheerleaders, to w omen’s football. Women have more to offer in than their looks.