Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oscar Pistorius' family comment on his nightclub scuffle.

Olympian, Oscar Pistrius who is currently on trial for the murder of his girlfriend was involved in an argument at a trendy Sandton nightclub in South Africa. The incident took place at the VIP Room on Saturday night, a venue known for its high-end clientell and A-list guests.
Pistorius' media representative Anneliese Burgess confirmed that there was indeed an altercation, they however denied it was a case of a “bar brawl” as reported by various media.

In a statement released Burgess said: “We can confirm that Oscar was at the said venue with one of his cousins. They sat in a quiet booth in the VIP section when they were approached by an individual who has now been indentified as a Mr Mortimer.”
The individual in question, according to our client, started to aggressively engage him on matter relating to the trial. An argument ensued during which our client asked to be left alone. Oscar left soon thereafter with his cousin. Our client regrets the decision to go into a public place there inviting unwelcome attention” she added.

His family in a statement said today that going to a nightclub where he got into an altercation in the middle of his murder trial was "unwise" and worried that the paralymian known as the Blade Runner was increasingly involved in "self-harming behavior."

Following the news of the club altercation, Pistorius' uncle, Leo Pistorius issued a statement regarding the nightclub incident, the uncle suggested that the family disapproved of Pistorius' trip to the club, saying that going there “whilst his court case is still underway was unwise”
He also added that: “Those of us closest to him have been witness to his escalating sense of loneliness and alienation. This we believe is underlying some of his self-harming behavior”
As a family we are counseling Oscar to find ways of dealing with his feelings of isolation” the uncle wrote.
Leo Pistroius wrote that he believes: “ that Oscar is grappling with an extreme level of emotional pain that is manifesting itself in some of his recent unwise actions and choices.

Pistorius is charged with the murder of his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, early in the morning of Valentine's Day last year. The double amputee sprinter insists he shot her through a closed bathroom door thinking she was an intruder.
The 27-year-old is facing up to at least 25 years behind bars if convicted of the crime.