Tuesday, March 11, 2014

11 most memorable and stylish goal celebrations of all time

Former Italian footballer and manager, Marco Tardelli may have made solo goal celebration popular after he scored Italy's second goal against West Germany in the 1982 World Cup final, however, footballers today have taken up solo celebration to a whole new level. During the past week, a-lot has been said about Samuel Eto'o's memorable goal celebration here which has since gone viral (by the way, happy birthday to the Chelsea striker who turned 33 Monday, and not 40 as assumed) but one thing that is true is that footballers, like every other athlete have very unique ways of celebrating or rather, showcasing their talents after making the net. For me, one of the most amazing goal celebrations of all time will be the unforgetable Daniel Amokachi dance; Amokachi after he celebrated his spectacular goal by breaking into the dance.

Here's top 10 list of some other memorable and stylish goal celebrations:
11. Garathe Bale, in case you are thinking of imitating this goal celebration, the Welsh player is way ahead of you, the Real Madrid player trademarked all 11 of his hearts'logo goal celebration.
The 18 Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football History

10. Peter Crouch, the English player celebrated his pre-2006 World Cup Friendly goals against Hungary and Jamaica by contorting his tall body into a mechanical harmony, the 6ft 7ins Stoke City player did the robot.
The 18 Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football History

9. Robbie Keane, the Irish player who captains both LA Galaxy and the Republic of Ireland national team performs a very unique routine of cartwheels and tumble after scoring each time. Keane won a bronze media at the Irish Under-9s Gymnastics Championship for this very same routine.

8. Lomana Lua Lua, the DR Congo and former Colchester, Newcastle, Portsmouth, and Olympiacos player created his own unique goal celebrations which includes a series of somesaults, back-flips and cartwheels, all following each other. Try this at your own risk:-)

7. Temuri Ketsbaia, the former Georgian midfielder and manager of the national team became more popular after his bizzare goal celebration during his time in New Castle. Ketsbaia aggressively kicked the advertising hoadings (McDonalds and Addidas ones specifically) after he scored a late winning goal against Bolton Wanderers in 1998. He would later reveal that his action was done in frustration after being left out of the starting line-up of prior games.
The 18 Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football History

6. Daniel Amokachi and Finidi George, now both former Super Eagles players, the pair scored the winning goals in the 45th and 90th minute respectively against Greece qualifying for the knockout stages in the 1994 World Cup. In celebration, Finidi George mimicked a urinating dog while Amokachi performed a very memorable dance step that will go on to become very popular.

5. Jimmy Bullard, lets just say Eto'o is not the first player to get back at managers who sometimes put their foot in their mouth. Phil Brown, former Hull City manager embarrassed by his team's performance, they were down by 4-0 before halftime, stopped his players from going into the fitting room, instead, gave his half time talk on the pitch at Ethihad stadium. One year later, at the same venue, Jimmy Bullard equalized and mimicked Brown as he recreated the same scene with the rest of his team-mates.
The 18 Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football History

4. Rashidi Yekini, the late Super Eagles player scored the first ever World Cup goal for Nigeria against Bulgaria during the 1994 World Cup, Yekini scored first in the 21st minute and had a well-deserved long celebration. With a simple tap-in-set, the ball went straight into the net, and Yekini went with the ball into the net gripping the netting as he let out tears of joy, throwing his fists in the air to enjoy his moment in history.

3. Mario Balotelli, never a dull moment with the Italian and AC Milan striker. Super Mario lifted his jersey revealing the question: “why always me?' after scoring the opening goal at Old Trafford. His message was prompted after fireworks were set off from the bathroom of the 23-year-old's home following Manchester City 6-1 victory over Manchester United.
The 18 Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football History

2. Samuel Eto'o, the 33-year-old Cameroonian international and Chelsea player made fun of his manager Jose Mourinho after footage of Mourinho making uncomplimentary comments on Eto'o's age was released via a French T.V. Eto'o mimicked as old man by going to the corner flag and holding his back after putting his side ahead in their 4-0 victor over Spurs.

1. Roger Milla, aside from being fellow compatriots, Milla, like Eto'o made straight for the corner flag each time he scored, although, his was a little more dynamic than Eto'o's. The legendary Cameroonian striker celebrated four goals during the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy by dancing in front of the corner flag. Milla's goal celebration has inspired a generation of footballers, especially African footballers to create unique goal celebrations of their own.