Sunday, August 25, 2013

Former Man City “good” bad boy Balotelli KICKS team-mate Andrea Poli in training

A viral video shows former Man City “good” boy Balotelli lash out at AC Milan teammate Andrea Poli.

Barely 48 hours after the Mayor of  Verona labeled the Italian player a “troublemaker,” Balotelli has once again live up to his latest title. So far in his career, it seems no matter where the 22-year-old striker is he inspires controversy or in the words of the mayor, trouble. His most recent controversy came to light after Balotelli was seen violently kicking Milan teammate Andrea Poli in training for no apparent reason in a video that has since gone viral. It is not very clear whether or not the knee-come-kick was meant as a joke or it was barely a way for Balotelli to vent out his frustrations, in any case, Baloteli needs some attitude adjustment if he wishes to remain in professional football, and most importantly, to maintain his spot in the Milan starting lineup.

Despite having been told to mind his behavior by none other than the Pope last week, the Italian international seems in no hurry to change his infamous ways.

In the video, Poli, his victim, seemed both confused and annoyed at the sudden jab sent his way by his teammate, but Balotelli merely drifted off as though nothing had happened.