Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mario Balotelli's ex Raffaella sues his parents

Balotelli and Fico back when they were an item.

Mario Balotelli ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter underwear model Raffaella Fico, 25 has filed the action against Franco and Silvia Balotelli in Milan, where the striker now plays. Fico and the AC Milan striker and according to Balotelli’s ex, he is the father to her seven-month-old daughter Pia, but the 22-year-old player wants a DNA test. Raffaella and former Man City play went their separate ways in January of last year after she learned of track record with the ladies. Fico flew to the UK right after her findings to confront him at his Cheshire home but he refused to see her and police were called.

Baby Pia was born in December and Balotelli has not even seen her despite Raffaella urging him to do so.

Balotelli’s parents Franco and Silvia sent an open letter to Italian sports newspaper Gazzeta Dello Sport shortly after Raffaella accused Balotelli of being "disinterested in his child and her", the star’s mum and dad hit back in an open letter to Italia.

In the letter Balo’s parents expressed and supported their son saying:
“Our son is not the irresponsible and undignified person you (Raffaella) have described.
“For some time now, Raffaella, all you have been interested in is reporters and photographers.
“You have not had a moment’s hesitation in expressing your every sentiment, confusing truth and fiction purely to appear on front covers.
“Obviously you have your reasons for making your life a media event but you cannot drag everyone along with you.
“You cannot sell as the truth, mud that insults the dignity of others.”

Raffaella, who has also been linked to Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo, responded: “They insisted that I was motivated only by a desire for fame and money.
“But Mario and I had a relationship which ended in April 2012. It was an intense and satisfying love story that gave us our baby girl Pia.”
Balotelli has found love again in Vogue model Fanny Neguesha and has even given her an engagement ring worth about £100,000