Friday, May 3, 2013

Mario Balotelli dumped by girlfreind (ex) Fanny after lewd bet

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli had reportedly said that if Real Madrid made it to the Champions League final he would allow the entire team to sleep with his girlfriend. He later denied saying it.
His girlfriend, Fanny Neguesha who happens to be the subject of his ridiculous bet has reportedly dumped Balotelli.

A source told The Sun: 'This was a major bust-up and could spell the end for Mario and Fanny.'
The 22-year-old Belgian model moved out of the Balotelli’s mansion in Italy following fights over his joke remark and partying, theSun reported.

Whether or not  his (ex) girlfriend of 7 months or more will take the Italian player player back is unsure, however, on Thursday, the Belgian model tweeted a cryptic message in Italian which translates to: 'Love does not exist to make us happy but to show us how strong our ability to endure pain.'