Friday, May 3, 2013

Highly overrated players so far in 2013

Ready for this one?  Well, here we go… football, or soccer whatever you choose to call it is such an amazing sport and very unpredictable too. 
Opinions are allowed here-not to say these players aren't great, they are, however, too much hype from both the media and fans makes it impossible not to notice that maybe they are a little overrated. So, for 2013, here’s a list of some of the highly overrated players so far. 

6. Papiss Cisse (Newcastle United)- Cisse had quite a good run in the start of his career in the Premier League, he has scored many great goals-in only half a year, Cisse scored 13 goals for Newcastle after joining the English side in January of 2012 and he was instantly ranked in the Top 10 overall goal scorers in the EPL. However, it seems the Senegalese striker is stuck in the past and is finding it difficult to create those magical moments he once enjoyed not too long ago for his side.

5. Tom Cleverly (Manchester United) - English footballer Tom Cleverly plays mainly as a central midfielder for Manchester United and England. While the 23-year-old midfielder is considered young, it is no excuse to be an average player especially since they are a lot of talented players out there today. Cleverley has started all of England's World Cup qualifiers this season and has left his mark on none of them, with him being a virtual spectator.

4.Emmanuel Adebayor- the 29-year-old Togolese striker who currently plays as a forward for Tottenham Hotspur and the Togo national team has shown so many inconsistency in his recent performances,  some of which can be frustrating to watch. Moments of magic followed by poor turnouts occur far too often for a player rated as highly as Adebayor.  Adebayor who once had a career high of 30 goals in one year no longer enjoys the same stats.  So far this year, he has scored a total of 6 goals under,  his time at Totenham Hotspur has been filled with ups and downs. 

3. David Luiz (Chelsea FC) – As one of the Samba boys of Stamford Bridge a group which consist of (David Luiz, Oscar and Ramires), it is easy to expect wonders from this 26-year-old Brazilian defender. Ever since David Luiz moved to Stamford Bridge on 31 January 2011, for an undisclosed fee, which Benfica, his former club reported to be €25 million, on a five-and-a-half-year contract-wikipedia,  his performance has left many wondering how Luiz was so highly rated in the first place-In his defense, Brazilian players are not always best known for their defensive talent. While he is seen as a long-term replacement for veteran John Terry, it seems he lacks the discipline to play in that role, so he therefore relies on moments of attacking brilliance to maintain his place in the team even though he is a defender

2.Lionel Messi (Barcelona FC) - Surprise, surprise, yes, Messi is highly overrated. Aside from the fact that he scored the most goals in 2012 and went on to win FIFA’s Ballon d’Or an award which started in 2010 after France Football Ballon d'Or and the men's FIFA World Player of the Year merged, it is quite clear that Messi lacks the versatility that past winners of the award (FIFA World player of the year) poses easily. His comparison to Ronaldo is also quite unfair sometimes; to start with, Messi has been with his current club (Barcelona) all his life, secondly, it is only expected of him to score considering his position as a forward. Ronaldo on the other hand plays center-forward which makes his goal scoring abilities even more spectacular, also, Ronaldo moved from Man-U 2 years ago to waning Real Madrid and has since worked his wonder in the club to even their recent victories over Barcelona. This is where the personal opinion thing kicks in-Messi won’t be as good if he played in a more competitive league. Challenge, he should play on loan at Manchester United for half a season just to test his ability and capabilities.

 1. David Beckham (PSG) - Yep, that’s right, he is highly overrated. Not so sure what the fuss is any more but maybe it has to do with the fact that this former England Captain has been around for 15 years, or even that he has played for some of the best clubs in the world including Real Madrid, Man-U and even L.A Galaxy, however, these days, it seems Becks is no longer living up to his reputation as England’s best midfielder.  
Aside from being a free-kick expert, the English midfielder lacks of any real footballing talent but is still held in the same esteem of that of Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Andrea Pirlo and Xavi by many English football fans. Players like Frank Lampard who recently scored his 200th goal or even Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard  whose career goal till date is 98, 1 goal higher than Beckham’s deserve the title of England’s best midfielder.

Other overrated players includes:
Eden Hazard (Chelsea FC)
Mario Balotelli (AC Milan)
Michael Carrick (Manchester United)

You can add to the list or remove some of the names, no problems, remember, your opinions are welcome here-:), so have fun with the list.