Sunday, February 3, 2013

Singer Beyonce stuns at Super Bowl half-time show

Beyonce owned it at the Superbowl halftime show; it was indeed the Beyonce half-time show.
The beautiful Bey did not hold anything back as she performed a beautiful medley of some of her most valued hits and for all those who had doubts about her ability to sing, or even perform, she answered them with her poise and brilliance during her Super Bowl halftime performance.
Beyonce opened a news conference with a choral version of the National anthem last week after controversy of her lip syncing at President Obama’s second  inauguration took center stage, in the conference, the multi-award winning singer disclosed to reporter that there will be no lip-syncing for the Super Bowl. 
In today’s performance, the beautiful mama opened with her hit single "love on top", she also performed a beautiful rendition of her dance hall-inspired song "Baby Boy", but it was the reunion with former group mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle that highlighted the singers star quality.