Friday, February 1, 2013

Odemwingie blames West Brom management for failed QPR move.

Just a day after his supposed move to Queens Park Rangers collapsed, Nigerian international Odemwingie blasted West Bromwich Albion in a semi-dramatic interview with Skysports.

For now, it is hard to say whether or not Odemwingie is a victim or if this is just one big misunderstanding, while on one hand Odemwingie stands convinced that WBA are bent on sabotaging his career, on the other hand lays the question of loyalty, why did he not seek proper permission before making his move to QPR?

-Peter Odemwingie says he was given the go-ahead by West Brom to travel to QPR on deadline day to discuss a move with the London club
-west Brom have accused the 31-year-old striker of acting in a "wholly unprofessional" manner by driving to talk terms with QPR despite no deal having being agreed between the clubs.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Odemwingie recounted the incidents that led to the collaspe of his move to QPR -
 "They didn't give me written permission but we are in England and when you are gentlemen you understand each other easily,"
"I had to be in training that morning but when that was done I asked if I could go as I had to pack and start driving. I got the go-ahead from him (Ashworth) as far as I understand so I went round and said goodbye to everyone and thank you. In my opinion everything was done right. He can deny it because he has to look good in this situation.
He added, "I knew that it took two hours to drive to London and I had to be there because we were 90% there and then the deal didn't happen. We were almost there, the club were angry that I went there and it was on TV. They weren't angry that I went there, but when it came up on TV that's when they said that this deal is off and asked why did I did it.”
"My only regret is that I didn't have the paper in my hand before I went to London."

Answering the question of whether or not his actions were unprofessional, Odemwingie likened this proposed move to QPR to when he first moved to West Brom
"I came to this club (West Brom) in a wholly unprofessional way," he said. "I wasn't given any written permission by Lokomotiv Moscow but I arrived at this club. I did a medical; I don't think everything went so professional when I arrived."

And on his career with the Baggies, it is quite clear it is still a love hate relationship as the New father told Sky Sport-
"I will always love the club but I will still leave, it is just a matter of time. I understand the need to honor your contract but the club have known the reasons I want to leave for some time now. They feel I can overcome that, but they don't know my heart.
He also added-"My contract runs out in a year and a half. I wasn't offered an extension here. My career ends one day and so will my contract here at West Brom."

 Following the saga, Odemwingie was sent home from training on Friday and will not be involved in Sunday's game against Tottenham but the club confirmed they held discussions with him today.
Speaking on his possible return, the Striker also explained to Sky Sport:
"I have been given a few days off and will be back in training next week."-Odemwingie