Friday, February 8, 2013

Best player of the year Lionel Messi has agreed to stay on with Barcelona till 2018

Lionel Messi signed a two-year contract extension with Barcelona on Thursday; the new contract will keep him tied to the Catalan giants until June 2018. The 25-year-old joined Barcelona when he was only 13, Messi however made his debut appearance for the team at age 16.
Messi's new contract renewal puts him side by side with fellow club loyalists Xavi and Carles Puyol, both of whom signed their extensions last month to stay with the team until 2016.
The new contract will see Messi earn an estimated $14.75 million a year, the deal also includes a buyout clause of $335 million (CNN, 2013)
And in celebration of his 6th contract renewal, Barcelona FC released a video on YouTube for their most cherished player.