Monday, February 25, 2013

AC Milan’s Mario Balotelli subjected to racial abuse from Inter Milan fans.

this is just terrible

Mario Balotelli was racially abused by fans from his former side Inter Milan during AC Milan’s 1-1 match against Inter on Sunday. Balotelli was taunted by some Inter Milan fans that came out with inflatable Bananas during the game.

The 22-year-old striker who has been tagged with a lot of unflattering names in the past kept his cool all through the abuse and in a somewhat defiant gesture, put his finger to his mouth signaling for them to be quiet.

While it is quite clear that the fans were apparently carrying out a hate crime, some people are still questioning whether or not the actions were directed at Balotelli, speaking on their actions, Italian football journalist Tancredi Palmeri, in an interview with BBC World Service said- "I've pretty much always seen these inflatable bananas in the stands of the fans," he said,
"So we could question what could be the meaning. It could be that it so sometimes just a joking towards the opposite fans.

This will not be the only time Balotelli has been subjected to such horrendous act, Inter Milan were fined 15, 000 Euros earlier this month after some fans raised racist chants about Balotelli during a game in Chievo. 

A spokeswoman told Press Association Sport the disciplinary council would rule on the events of the match at the San Siro among others from the weekend's fixture list in a meeting held in Milan.