Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad day for Chelsea’s Eden Hazard who was sent off for kicking a ball boy

Belgian international and Chelsea FC Striker Eden Hazard was sent off for kicking a ball boy in the ribs today during Swansea’s Capital One Cup defeat of Chelsea.
The disaster started after a Swansea goal kick in the 78th minute,  Charlie Morgan, 17, son of Swansea director Martin grabbed on the ball after it went out of play, Hazard, anxious to see the play restarted, ran up to the boy who at the moment seemed to lie on top of the ball.Morgan and the 22-year-old striker then struggled for the ball; in Hazard’s attempts to get the ball he tried to kick it from beneath the ball boy. It appeared Hazard made contact and kicked him in the ribs, before he finally grabbed the ball from beneath him and ran off leaving the young lad rolling on the floor.
Hazard was sent off in the 80th minute of the game after the incident in the League Cup semi-final at Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium.
The ball boy is said to be doing okay, he was examined immediately by the medics, and nothing serious was reported only minor injuries. South Wales Police are already investigating the incident.