Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Arsenal Season Preview


Following Arsenal’s shocking loss to Westbrom, Arsenal is now back on the chase for Benzema, personally I believe that Arsenal still needs a striker because Giroud is just too comfortable. I mean like if I were the only striker available I wouldn’t really care what happens, would play every match with the idea that I am the only one they need me, no one to replace me. This is where Benzema comes in,  if you have a striker like Benzema at Arsenal it would push Giroud to work harder therefore bringing out the best in him. If Arsenal still have that dream of winning the premier league this season they need a striker to give them this goals, as of now the midfield is solid, the defense is okay but not perfect. Another problem is the defense, Arsenal needs a solid central defender because personally I am not comfortable with Mertesacker being in that position, he is not just good for the position we need the likes of John terry, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and so on to guard the post as well as lead the team to victory because of their strong leadership qualities.

The midfield is perfect for now, it’s just awesome to have the talents of Cazorla,Ozil,Ramsey, Coquelin and Sanchez. Lastly kudos to Arsene wenger for capturing petr cech from Chelsea. Wish him lots of luck at Arsenal, he still needs to brush up a little bit and get used to the team but I believe he will do great things for Arsenal and for finally giving Walcott the chance to prove himself as a striker for the team.

Contributor: Kenyo Musa