Monday, June 30, 2014

Preview: 2014 World Cup-Algeria vs Germany

The second surviving African team in the 2014 World Cup Algeria are all ready to make World Cup history in Brazil 2014 as they take on Germany in the last round of 16 in the ongoing WC.

Algeria will be forging ahead for the very first time in the last 16 in over 32 years, precisely 32 years ago in the World Cup in Spain, Algeria shocked the reigning champions West Germany with their 2-1 win in the opening match a further win against Chile meant that only a victory by a one- or two-goal margin by West Germany over Austria in the group’s final game could eliminate them. West Germany went 1-0 up early before the rest of the game was played out with shots or even tackles an ever-increasing rarity. Algeria and the rest of the world were outraged. Algeria exited with their dignity intact, as the sham forced the current policy of the final round of group fixtures now kicking off at the same time.

Let's hope they are able to overcome every obstacle in this game as they take on one of the best teams so far.