Saturday, May 10, 2014

Premier League Championship: Two brothers, one title- Yaya Toure VS. Kolo Toure

Yaya and Kolo Toure
Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure admits that family ties are being stretched to its limit following the title race with older brother Liverpool's Kolo Toure.
The very dramatic Premier League season comes to an end today, (Sunday) with Manchester City facing Liverpool for the very coveted title. Manuel Pellegrini's City will win the title if they draw or win their home game against West Ham. On the other hand, Liverpool will be champions for the first time since 1990 if they are able to beat Newcastle granted West Ham wins over Manchester City.
Arsenal will play Norwich who will be relegated even with a win.
Favorites City have had amazing players all season, Yaya Toure has been culled one of the best midfielders in the world following his strong performance all season long, however, if West Ham decides to fight back and win, then the title will definitely go to Liverpool, (lets not hope this happens) Speaking after City's 3-2 win over Everton which help put them in control of their Championship race, while jeopardizing Liverpool's chances of winning, the Toure brother who is most likely to win this year spoke more about dealing with title race with a family member (Kolo Toure)
"Oh yes, it's been really difficult. You can't imagine how difficult," Yaya Toure said of the fight within the family.
"Your family have to try to be balanced - they are divided. Sport is unbelievable in that it can break hearts.
"If it is my brother who wins it I would still be happy for him. It would be amazing for him.
"But whatever I'm doing I always try to win - I've always been the same. I will only lose if someone is better than us.
"But it's still so tight - Liverpool still have a chance and so do Chelsea - they beat us twice, don't forget. It's going to be exciting.
"The family don't want to choose a side. We don't know how it will end.
"They just say 'the best team will win it'. They know that both teams have the quality to do it so let's wait and see."

City beat West Ham 6-0 in their last visit to Etihad Stadium, in the Capital One Cup in January. City's boss Pellegrini is hoping for a repeat performance in Sunday's game, he said: “ We beat them here in the Capital one Cup, it was a very good game and I hope we can repeat it, but the best way to do it is to play in the same way.”
On City's 4-0 victory over Aston Villa midweek which brought their league goals for the campaign to 100 Pellegrini said:
We did it especially against Aston Villa. I think that was one of the best games we played the whole year.”