Friday, June 28, 2013

Coach Keshi is no longer solely responsible for selecting the squad as Nigeria‘s Football Federation interferes

Following Nigeria’s early exit from the Confederation Cup in Brazil where the Eagles bowed out of the competition at the Group stage, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) president Aminu Maigari has revealed Coach Stephen Keshi will no longer be solely responsible for selecting the squad.
"The Confederations Cup is a big tournament and that's why the other teams brought their best players," Maigari told Supersport's Soccer Africa show.
"Spain brought their best players, but we did not. Why would you bring a local player to play Spain at such a big stage?
"This is unacceptable. We have experienced players that were not selected and this is where we have to step in.
'The coach doesn't have the sole responsibility on squad selection. We all have to contribute. This team belongs to 165 million people.
"Selections should affect all these people so we cannot continue to let this happen because we need to compete well with others."

Responding to the new decisions made by the NFF, Keshi has been quick to assert his belief that the NFF will not meddle in team affairs.
"I understand Nigerians are emotive and sentimental sometimes but all the players that went to Brazil deserved to be there," Keshi told BBC Sport.
"I'm the coach and I can honestly listen to constructive ideas on how we can improve as a team.
"But no-one has come to tell me who to pick and not to select. If the team fails the coach is responsible.
"As the coach, it's my decision and responsibility. For now, the local players have earned the rights to be in the team."