Monday, May 20, 2013

Women's team, FC Zurich challenge FC Barcelona to a friendly match via video.

417838 566226836755984 322901907 n FC Zurich Women challenge FC Barcelona to a match: Do you have the balls?
The all-conquering female Swiss team have played 22 matches and won all of them, scoring an average of 5.7 goals per game in the process. Their overall goal difference record is 125:9.
With their unbeaten record of close to 2000 minutes, the girls decided to question the machismo of the Barca boys asking if they’ve got the balls to take up their unusual challenge.

The Challenge: Launched on their official website and Facebook pages, FC Zurich’s ladies have created a fierce, powerful advert calling for a match with the Catalans giants on their own home turf.

In the promo video released, the girls are seen dragging a tractor across a pitch, some military style preparation and a little bit of target practice at Lionel Messi’s face.

This is no joke, Zurich offered May 25th as a possible showdown date at the Nou Camp. It’s free for Tito Vilanova’s side, as they failed to make the Champions League final – which takes place on the same evening.