Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tottenham's Emmanuel Adebayor has had a change of heart and will now join Togo in their race for the Nations Cup

Togolese Football Federation president Gabriel Ameyi confirmed that Adebayor would take part in the African Cup of Nation, speaking to Algerian radio station Smail Berhaiel on Monday: 
"Of course we are going to the Nations Cup with Adebayor, he will be with us in South Africa."    Ameyi added: "It's very important to have him with us, he's our best player and the captain of our team. Drogba and all the stars will be there and Adebayor too." Ameyi
Emmanuel Adebayor who was planning to skip the January 19-February 10 competition in South Africa in a dispute over unpaid player bonuses and team security   has had a last minute change of heart to go back on his decision to boycott the tournament after several meetings over the last two days, a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

The Spurs striker is at the center of yet another row over bonus payments to the squad following their qualification to the finals.
The Togolese side has been in constant turmoil over money with Adebayor using his status in the small West African country to force the issue.
On Tuesday, Togo press reports said coach Didier Six was also seeking to be paid outstanding wages and had not joined up with the team, who are preparing for the tournament in neighboring Ghana.