Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FIFA's World Ranking-Ivory Coast is still the best team in Africa!

Ivory Coast is among the top 20 nations in the world according to FIFA, which ranks the team 14th, ahead of both France and Brazil. While  Ivory Coast enjoy the number 1 spot in Africa, they will still have to work harder in order to maintain this position as they will take on Tunisia who are currently at # 45 in FIFA’s world ranking and stand firmly at number 8 in Africa as well as Algeria in group D of the Nations Cup. Even though team skipper Didier Drogba bragged about their position in a recent interview with France24, he still had some concerns on how they will fair in the competition- “Of course we’re the favorites,” We couldn’t be FIFA’s highest ranked African country and not be considered the number one team in an African tournament. Even though we’re the big favorites, if we don’t win…”
Africa's Top 10 teams-FIFA World ranking in parenthesis():
1. Côte d'Ivoire (No. 14)     
2. Algeria (No.19)                  
3. Mali(No. 25)                   
4.Ghana (No.30)                  
5.Zambia(No. 34)                 
6. Egypt (No.41)            
7. Gabon (No. 42)                                   
8. Tunisia(No. 45)                                  
9. Central African Republic(No.52)                  
10. Nigeria (No.52)

Host team for the 2013 AFCON South Africa was listed at number 23 (87 FIFA world ranking) in Africa, Morocco who is in the same group A with South Africa were listed at number 17 (74 FIFA World ranking), Cape Verde the other team in Group A are ahead of Morocco as they were ranked 15(69 FIFA World ranking) in Africa. Angola complete group A of the AFCON competition, and they are listed as number 21 in Africa (84 FIFA World ranking)
In group B, Mali and Ghana who happen to be in the same group for AFCON are number 3 and 5 respectively in Africa. Niger struggle at number 28 in Africa (105 FIFA World ranking) while Congo DR sit one spot behind Niger at number 29 in Africa (107 FIFA World ranking)
In FIFA’s world ranking, Nigeria and Central African Republic are tied at number 52 however, Nigeria fell 1 place behind CAR making them the 10th best country in Africa. Zambia who will be facing Nigeria in group C of the Nations Cup occupies the 5th position in Africa (34 FIFA World ranking). Still in group C, Burkina Faso are ranked at number 24 in Africa (89 FIFA World ranking) while Ethiopia are 31 in Africa (110 FIFA World ranking)
Following closely behind Africa’s favorite team Ivory Coast in group D is Algeria, while they sit at number 19 in FIFA’s world ranking, they occupy the 2nd spot making the second best team in the whole of Africa. One team in the group that failed to make FIFA’S top 10 African teams is Togo, coming in at number 16 in Africa (71 FIFA World ranking), they will face Tunisia who came in at number 8  in Africa in group D of the Nations Cup.

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