Saturday, December 29, 2012

Super Eagles AFCON hopes in jeopardy as the Nigerian Football Federation's account is currently frozen

A Federal High Court today froze the accounts of the Nigeria Football Federation in Lagos, Nigeria. The NFF were just on the verge of receiving 1.4 Billion Naira from the government in preparation for next month’s African Cup of Nations, however, with the recent incident, the Super Eagles could be greatly affected.
Speaking to, both NFF general secretary Musa Amadu and media director Ademola denied being aware of such ruling.
 “I'm not in the office now and I can't confirm that to you now until I get to the office,” -Amadu
“I'm not aware of that development. I've not been around, I just got back to Abuja,” -Olajire added. 
According to Minaj Broadcasting Corporation dragged the NFF to court over a $4 million broadcasting right that was paid 10 years ago for the broadcast rights of the Nigeria Premier League when it was still managed by the NFF. Last year, MBC reported their case to the court and the company reportedly got a ruling for the NFF repay half of that amount, but this was not followed.
Following Thursday’s high court ruling, this means that parts of the cash the NFF are expected to reciece for the Nations Cup could now be awarded to MBC by the court if the money is lodged in the federation’s account.